A Short Story

My name is Lalo Diaz. Long ago, before I became a killer for hire, I was given the nickname Cuban Pete, after the Desi Arnaz song. Desi had brought the Conga craze to America, become a stage and screen star, and a popular bandleader. My nickname proved…

A Pete Zolo Short Story


Jet streams whirred around the tub. I begin each morning with a bath. My second wife and I split up two months ago and I’ve been staying on the 31st floor of the downtown Westin. My name is Pete Zolochevskaya (Pete Zolo if you…

A Future Noir Short Story


11:45 a.m.

“That rich Palm Springs lady’s early,” John said as he watched the blue Mercedes drive onto his desert compound.

“You and your redheads,” Buntley said.

John walked into his office. He poured two fingers of Rebel Yell, his second of the morning, and stepped into his character…

Notes On “Soul Of Lincoln Heights”

Tino Vaca looks at Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles.

Tino Vaca is a thirteen-year-old record collector from Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. A thin mustache grows above his lip and a Dodger cap sits on his head. He seems tall for his age. It’s six p.m. on a Saturday and we are in Elysian Park. The stadium rests just behind…

A Short Story

A Short Story

Andrew Miller

Author. L.A. Stories, Pulp Modern, Close To the Bone. Switchblade. Broadswords and Blasters. Soul Of Lincoln Heights. Ohio-born Angeleno.

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